2-23-19 Catalog

1-Evans Pottery Bookends

2-Evans Pottery Syrup Jug

3-Evans Pottery Scratch Jug, Sgnd

4-Evans Pottery Lg. Mouth Jug

5-Evans Pottery Bowl

5A-Hudson Parer Apple Peeler

5B-Turntable Apple Peeler

5C-The Eagle Hand Cranked Slicer

6-Evans Pottery Planter

7-Evans Pottery Pr of Lamp Bases

8-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

9-Evans Pottery Match/Toothpick Holder

10-Evans Pottery Planter

10A-Cast Iron Flower Basket Door Stop

11-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

12-Evans Pottery Mug

13-Evans Pottery Pitcher

14-Evans Pottery Bell

15-Evans Pottery Pitcher

15A-Indian Woven Basket & Jug

16-Evans Pottery Jug

17-Evans Pottery Match/Toothpick Holder

18-Evans Pottery Vase, Sgnd

19-Evans Pottery Birdhouse Jug, Sgnd

20-Evans Pottery Cream Pitcher

20A-Folk Art Sheep & Man w/ Cart

21-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

22-Evans Pottery Planter

23-Evans Pottery Lamp

24-Evans Pottery Bowl

25-Evans Pottery Match Holder

25A-EAPG Kerosene Banquet Lamp

25B-Banquet Oil Lamp w/ Cut Glass Font

26-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

27-Evans Pottery Bookends

28-Evans Pottery Vase

29-Evans Pottery Candlestick

30-Evans Pottery Miniature Pitcher

30A-Early Stoneware Duck Pitcher

31-Evans Pottery Planter

32-Evans Pottery Cup Inscribed Dorthy Dillin

33-Evans Pottery Stein

34-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

35-2 Evans Pottery Planters

35A-Blue & White Stoneware Miniature Bowl

36-Evans Pottery Dog Bowl

37-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

38-Evans Pottery Jug

39-Pr Evans Pottery Planters

40-Evans Pottery Ash Tray

40A-Stoneware Spittoon w/ Dog

41-Evans Pottery Set of 6 Mugs

42-Evans Pottery Planter

43-Evans Pottery Cup

44-Evans Pottery Candlestick

45-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

45A-Handwoven Early Coverlet

46-Pr Evans Pottery Bookends

47-Evans Pottery Tall Lamp Base, Sgnd

48-Evans Pottery Planter & Underplate

49-Evans Pottery Jug

50-Evans Pottery Cream Pitcher

50A-Blue Spongeware Pitcher

50B-Roseville Milk Pitcher

50C-Set of Brass Frary's Spring Scales

51-Evans Pottery Birdhouse Jug, Sgnd

52-Evans Pottery Bell

53-Evans Pottery Pitcher

54-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

55-Evans Pottery Umbrella Stand

55A-Blue & White Stoneware Cow Milk Pitcher

56-B.F. Ussery Water Valley, Miss. 4 Gal. Churn

57-Evans Pottery Squat Pitcher

58-Evans Pottery Stein

59-Evans Pottery Scratch Jug, "Lucy Gray 1950"

60-Evans Pottery Vase

60A-Greek Key Oil Lamp w/ HP Shade

61-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

62-Evans Pottery Planter

63-Evans Pottery Pitcher

64-Evans Pottery Cup

65-Evans Pottery Miniature Pitcher

65A-Redware & Stoneware Pitcher, 2pc

65B-3 Stoneware Pitchers

66-Evans Pottery Jug

67-Pr Evans Pottery Bookends

68-Evans Pottery Planter

69-Evans Pottery Planter

70-Evans Pottery Pitcher

70A-Victorian Marble Top Table

71-Evans Pottery Mug

72-Evans Pottery Pitcher

73-Evans Pottery Match Holder

74-Evans Pottery Pitcher

75-Evans Pottery Mug

75A-Fishscale Oil Lamps w/ Lift Out Glass Font

75B-No. 1 Peanut Oil Lamp

76-Evans Pottery Match Holder

77-Evans Pottery Birdhouse Jug

78-3 Evans Pottery Miniature Jugs, All Sgnd.

79-Evans Pottery "A Penny a Kiss" Jug 1954

80-Evans Pottery Jug

80A-The Jr. Rochester Ornate Brass Oil Lamp

81-Evans Pottery Planter & Underplate

82-Evans Pottery Planter

83-Evans Pottery Ashtray w/ Match Holder

84-Evans Pottery Bowl

85-Evans Pottery Bowl

85A-2 Moulding Planes

85B-2 Moulding Planes

86-Evans Pottery Pitcher

87-Evans Pottery Umbrella Stand

88-Evans Pottery Lamp Base

89-Evans Pottery Jug

90-Evans Pottery Crock

90A-Indian Rug

91-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug Inscribed "Moon"

92-Evans Pottery Masonic Squirrel Ashtray Double Sgnd

93-Evans Pottery Mug Inscribed "Pansy McGhee 1955"

94-Evans Pottery Lg. Pitcher

95-Evans Pottery Masonic Ashtray

95A-Butternut 12 Pane Stepback Cupboard

96-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

97-Evans Pottery Face Jug

98-Evans Pottery Inscribed Pitcher

99-Evans Pottery Planter

100-Evans Pottery Pitcher

100A-Hand Woven Coverlet Dtd 1844

100B-Hand Woven Coverlet

101-Evans Pottery Jug

102-Evans Pottery Squirrel Ashtray

103-Evans Pottery Planter

104-Evans Pottery Pitcher

105-Unk. Maker 2 Gal. Churn

105A-Brass Bicycle Lamp w/ Jewels

106-Unk. Maker Jug

107-Evans Pottery Basket Inscribed "Alabama"

108-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug, Inscribed "Moon"

109-Evans Pottery Pitcher

110-Evans Pottery Lamp

110A-Victorian Marble Top Table

111-Evans Pottery Crock w/ Lid

112-3 Evans Pottery Steins, Inscribed

113-Evans Pottery Pitcher w/ Inscribed Décor, Sgnd

114-Evans Pottery Cream & Sugar, Sgnd

115-Evans Pottery Birdhouse

115A-Banquet Oil Lamp w/ Cut Glass Font

116-Evans Pottery Pig Ashtray, Sgnd

117-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

118-Evans Pottery 10 Gal. Crock

119-Evans Pottery 8 Gal. Crock

120-Evans Pottery 2pc Bird Bath

120A-Lg. Rick Wisecarver Carved Pottery Vase

120B-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Vase

120C-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Mug

121-Evans Pottery Lg. Tree Trunk Planter

122-Evans Pottery Scratch Jug "Mollie Crites1950"

123-Evans Pottery Planter & Underplate

124-Evans Pottery Scratch Mug "Dexter MO"

125-Evans Pottery RARE Folk Art Figural Pc

125A-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Vase

125B-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Mug

125C-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Mug

126-Evans Pottery Jug

127-Evans Pottery Decorated Jug

128-Evans Pottery Scratch Cup "Joe and Tillie"

129-Evans Pottery Redware Bowl

130-Evans Pottery Stein

130A-Banquet Oil Lamp

131-Evans Pottery Bird House Jug Sgnd

132-Pr Evans Pottery Candlesticks

133-Evans Pottery Vase

134-Evans Pottery Stein

135-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

135A-Early Walnut Corner Cupboard

136-Evans Pottery Masonic Dbl Handle Vase

137-Evans Pottery Thistle Coffee Pot

138-6 Evans Pottery Mugs

139-Evans Pottery Masonic Ashtray

140-Evans Pottery Bird House

140A-Cranberry Lobed Peg Lamp

141-Evans Pottery Hanging Planter

142-Evans Pottery Decorated Planter

143-Evans Pottery Grease, Butter, or Salt Crock

144-Evans Pottery Pitcher

145-Evans Pottery Bookends

145A-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Mug

145B-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Vase

145C-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Vase

146-Evans Pottery Pitcher w/ Corticelli Adv

147-Evans Pottery Decorated Vase

148-Evans Pottery Stein

149-Evans Pottery Master Salt Dish Sgnd

150-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

150A-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Mug

150B-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Vase

151-Evans Pottery RARE Dbl. Handle Lg. Vase

152-Evans Pottery Tree Trunk Planter

153-Evans Pottery Stoneware Bowl

154-Evans Pottery Mug

155-Evans Pottery Planter

155A-Hand Woven Coverlet Dtd 1856

156-Evans Pottery Scratch Jug "A Penny a Kiss"

157-Evans Pottery Mug

158-Evans Pottery Bell

159-Pr Evans Pottery Bookends

160-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

160A-Hand Woven Coverlet Dtd 1850

161-Evans Pottery Match Holder

162-Evans Pottery RARE Water Cooler w/ Squirrel

163-Evans Pottery Planter

164-Evans Pottery RARE Chicken Waterer Jug

165-Evans Pottery Vase

165A-Tiger Maple Candle Box

166-Evans Pottery Birdhouse Jug

167-Evans Pottery Planter & Underplate

168-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

169-Evans Pottery Acorn Hanging Planter

170-Evans Pottery Squirrel Ashtray, Sgnd

170A-Early Tin Betty Lamp

171-Evans Pottery Vase

172-Evans Pottery 4 Gal. Churn

173-3 Evans Pottery Steins

174-3 Evans Pottery Miniature Jugs, 1 Sgnd

175-Evans Pottery Jug

175A-2 Wooden Butter Molds

175B-Lot of 7 Early Tin, Pewter, & Brass Candlesticks

176-Evans Pottery Dog Bowl

177-Evans Pottery Bird House Jug

178-Evans Pottery Lg. Pitcher

179-Evans Pottery Planter

180-Evans Pottery Small Pitcher

180A-Donaghho Crock Jar

180B-H. Purdy Stoneware Jar

181-Evans Pottery Jug

182-Tramp Art Box

183-Tramp Art Box w/ Drawer & Sliding Lid

184-Tramp Art Box w/ Brass Tray

185-Tramp Art Box w/  Velvet Inserts

185A-Sgnd Anna Pottery Crock

186-Great Tramp Art Picture Frame

187-Fabulous Tramp Art Crucifix

188-3 Victorian Walnut Criss Cross Picture Frames

189-2 Victorian Walnut Criss Cross Picture Frames

190-Folk Art Popsicle Stick Table Lamp

190A-Victorian Marble Top Table

190B-3 Arm Brass Oil Lamp Chandelier

191-Folk Art Popsicle Stick Table Lamp

192-Good Vtg. S.W. Indian Woven Rug

193-Evans Pottery Tree Trunk Planter

194-Evans Pottery 3 Gal. Churn

195-Evans Pottery Crock

195A-"The Tiny Juno" Ornate Brass Finger Lamp

195B-EAPG 2 Part Oil Lamp

196-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

197-Evans Pottery Miniature Churn

198-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

199-Evans Pottery Miniature Pitcher

200-Evans Pottery Ash Tray w/ Match Holder

200A-Period Queen Anne Chest w/ Orig. Finish

200B-Empire Chest of Drawers

201-Evans Pottery "A Penny a Kiss…" Jug

202-Evans Pottery Pitcher

203-Evans Pottery Planter & Underplate

204-Evans Pottery Jar w/ Lid

205-Evans Pottery Pitcher

205A-Lg. Rick Wisecarver Carved Pottery Vase

205B-Lg. Rick Wisecarver Carved Pottery Vase

205C-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Mug

206-Evans Pottery Jar w/ Lid

207-Evans Pottery Pitcher

208-Evans Pottery Jar w/ Wooden Lid

209-Evans Pottery Planter

210-4 Evans Pottery Miniature Jugs

210A-Tall Rick Wisecarver Pottery Vase

210B-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Vase

210C-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Vase

210D-Rick Wisecarver Pottery Mug

211-Evans Pottery Planter

212-Evans Pottery Planter

213-Evans Pottery Planter

214-Evans Pottery Pitcher

215-Evans Pottery Single Bookend

215A-4 Gal. Commerce Pottery Churn

215B-5 Gal. Commerce Pottery Crock

216-Stenciled Country Store Allspice Tin

217-Evans Pottery Hanging Planter

218-2 Evans Pottery Bells

219-Evans Pottery Cup Sgnd

220-Pr Evans Pottery Candlesticks Sgnd

220A-4 Gal. Commerce Pottery Crock

220B-3 Gal. Commerce Pottery Crock

220C-Sgnd Evans Pottery Creamer

221-Evans Pottery Vase

222-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

223-Evans Pottery Ashtray

224-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

225-Evans Pottery Master Salt Dish

225A-One horse 2 Wheel Cart

226-Evans Pottery Ashtray

227-2 Evans Pottery Flower Frogs

228-Evans Pottery 3 Gal. Crock

229-Evans Pottery Planter

230-Evans Pottery Planter

230A-Wooden 2 Wheel Cart, Old Paint

231-Evans Pottery Planter w/ Handles

232-Evans Pottery Planter w/ Some Old Paint

233-Evans Pottery Planter

234-Evans Pottery Small Planter & Underplate

235-Evans Pottery Vase

235A-Cranberry Glass Banquet Lamp

235B-Lg. Bronze Architecture Plaque

236-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

237-Evans Pottery Spittoon, Sgnd

238-Evans Pottery Vase

239-Pr Evans Pottery Candlesticks, Sgnd

240-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

240A-Mahogany Highboy

240B-3pc Victorian Bamboo Furniture

240C-Alexander Backer Co. Composition Statue

241-Evans Pottery Jug

242-Evans Pottery Vase w/ Drip Glaze, Sgnd

243-Evans Pottery Small Planter

244-2 Evans Pottery Bells

245-Pr Evans Pottery Candlesticks, Sgnd

245A-Donatello Roseville Pottery Compote

245B-Donatello Roseville Pottery Bowl

245C-Lg Donatello Roseville Pottery Compote

245D-Donatello Roseville Pottery Vase

245E-3pc Wicker Parlor Set

245F-Art Nouveau Patented Lady Statue Lamp

246-Evans Pottery Miniature Planter, Sgnd

247-4 Evans Pottery Miniature Jugs

248-Evans Pottery Bowl

249-2 Evans Pottery Creamers

250-Evans Pottery Cup & Sugar

250A-Donatello Roseville Pottery Planter w/ Liner

250B-Donatello Roseville Pottery Vase

250C-Donatello Roseville Pottery Double Vase

250D-French Bronze Art Deco Statue Woman & Dogs

250E-Art Nouveau Metal Woman Lamp

251-2 Evans Pottery Planters & Underplates

252-Evans Pottery Footed Bowl & Planter

253-Evans Pottery Cup, Sgnd

254-3 Evans Pottery Toothpick/Match Holders

255-5 Evans Pottery Miniature Jugs


255B-Primitive Wooden Tote

255C-Tin Hanging Cabinet

256-2 Evans Pottery Cups

257-2 Evans Pottery Cups

258-2 Evans Pottery Cups

259-2 Evans Pottery Cups

260-2 Evans Pottery Creamers

260A-Victorian Marble Top Table

260B-Portable Surveyors Desk

260C-A.S. Aloe Surveyors Transit w/ Box

261-2 Evans Pottery Creamers, One is Sgnd

262-Evans Pottery Miniature Jug

263-2 Evans Pottery Small Bowls

264-Evans Pottery Jug Planter Sgnd

265-2 Evans Pottery Mixing Bowls

265A-Cobalt Banquet Oil Lamp

265B-Green/Yellow Banquet Oil Lamp

265C-Vtg. Montana Minnow Trap

265D-Vtg. Orvis Minnow Trap

265E-Vtg. Montana Minnow Trap

265F-Vtg. Unmkd Minnow Trap

266-2 Evans Pottery Mixing Bowls

267-2 Evans Pottery Crocks

268-Evans Pottery Crock

269-2 Evans Pottery Planters

270-2 Evans Pottery Canning Jars

270A-Amber Banquet Oil Lamp

270B-Cut Glass Banquet Oil Lamp w/ Cran. Opal. Shade

270C-Oak Desk

270D-Early Tin Fishing Tackle Box

271-Evans Pottery Jug

272-Evans Pottery Planter w/ Old Paint

273-3 Evans Pottery Mixing Bowls

274-Evans Pottery Pitcher

275-Evans Pottery Batter Jug

275A-Brass "The Miller Oil Lamp"

275B-Herters Canada Goose Decoy

275C-3 Wooden Duck Decoys

276-Evans Pottery Stein

277-Evans Pottery Small Hanging Planter

278-Evans Pottery Small Planter, Sgnd

279-Evans Pottery Planter & Underplate, Non Matching

280-Evans Pottery Stein

280A-Amber EAPG Oil Lamp

280B-EAPG Oil Lamp

280C-Vtg. Cast Iron Ship Door Stop

281-Evans Pottery Planter & Underplate

282-Evans Pottery Planter & Underplate

283-Evans Pottery Hanging Planter

284-Evans Pottery Lamp

285-Evans Pottery Crock

285A-Early Chest

285B-Lg. Religious Statue

285C-Ornate Brass Holy Water Fount

286-2 Evans Pottery Pitchers

287-Evans Pottery Planter w/ Old Paint

288-2 Evans Pottery Pitchers

289-3 Evans Pottery Graduated Planters

290-Evans Pottery Planter & Underplate

290A-3 Granite Coffee Pots

290B-Granite Pot & Measuring Cup

291-2 Evans Pottery Jugs

292-4pc Evans Pottery

293-Evans Pottery Jug

294-Evans Pottery Grease Crock

295-3 Evans Pottery Planters

295A-Early Chest

296-4pc Evans Pottery

297-Yellowware Advertising Pitcher

298-Evans Pottery Photographs, Book & Literature

299-Evans Pottery Book

300-2 Evans Pottery Books

300A-Early Blanket Box

301-Foot Stool w/ Green Paint

302-2 Metal 3 Legged Stools

303-Primitive Country Rack

304-Wood Stool w/ Old Green Paint

305-2 Wood Stools w/ Old Paint

306-Metal Stool w/ Paint

307-RARE Salesman Sample Fainting Sofa w/ Case

308-Antique Childs Riding Horse Toy

309-Ornate Brass Umbrella/Cane Stand

310-Lg. Nouveau Woman Newel Post Lamp, Sgnd

310A-Victorian Rosewood Marble Top Table

311-Fiesta Tidbit Tray

312-Fiesta Water Pitcher

313-7 Fiesta Grill Plates

314-18pc Fiesta Demitasse Set

315-Fiesta Chop Plate

316-4 Fiesta Platters & Metal Frame

317-12 Fiesta Plates

318-12 Fiesta Tumblers

319-Fiesta Carafe

320-3 Fiesta Gravy Boats

321-14 Fiesta Cereal Bowls

322-Lg. Fiesta Mixing Bowl

323-11 Fiesta Cream Soups

324-8 Fiesta Grill Plates

325-10 Fiesta Bread Plates

326-4pr Fiesta Salt & Peppers

327-15 Fiesta Dinner Plates

328-Fiesta Salad Spoon & Fork

329-3 Fiesta Casseroles w/ Frame

330-Pr Fiesta Candlesticks

331-Fiesta Toaster

332-2 Fiesta Vases

333-12 Fiesta Cups & Saucers

334-Fiesta Tea Pot

335-11 Fiesta Soup Bowls

336-3 Fiesta Nesting Bowls

337-Fiesta Salad Fork & Spoon

338-Fiesta Pitcher

339-8 Fiesta Juice Glasses

340-10 Fiesta Mugs

341-2 Fiesta Cake Servers

342-Fiesta Covered Bowl

343-5 Fiesta Miniature Pitchers

344-Fiesta Pitcher

345-10 Fiesta Tumblers

346-Fiesta Coffee Pot

347-8 Fiesta Egg Cups

348-6 Fiesta Stacking Refrigerator Dishes

349-3 Fiesta Casseroles & Frame

350-Fiesta Pedestal Fruit Bowl

351-10 Fiesta Dinner Plates

352-8 Fiesta Berry Bowls

353-10 Fiesta Bread Plates

354-2 Homer Laughlin China Fiesta Boxes

355-10 Fiesta 50th Anniversary Cups

356-10 Fiesta Bread Plates

357-10 Fiesta Dinner Plates

358-Fiesta Pitcher

359-3 pr Salt & Peppers

360-10 Fiesta Bread Plates

361-8 Fiesta Egg Cups

362-3 Large Fiesta Plates

363-11 Fiesta Saucers

364-5 Fiesta Bowls

365-11 Fiesta Mugs

366-2 Fiesta Egg Cookers

367-14 Fiesta Juice Glasses

368-10 Fiesta Creamers & Sugars

369-14 Miscellaneous Fiesta Items

370-Fiesta Mixing Bowl

371-12pc Fiesta Cups & Saucers

372-Lot of Companion Pieces for Fiesta